Physicians For Fair Coverage

The Health Insurance Squeeze

Monday, 10/29/18

Physicians for Fair Coverage writes that patients are not getting the coverage they are paying for.


As outlined in “Seriously Sick? Don’t Count on Insurance Being Enough” (The Upshot, Oct. 18), increasing health insurance costs pose a grave risk to all Americans, especially those who need coverage the most.


Research shows that premiums, deductibles and out-of-pocket costs have increased while insurance networks are narrowing, offering patients fewer choices for care and exposing them to out-of-network bills. Put simply, patients are not getting the coverage they are paying for.


UnitedHealth earnings show that its 2018 profits in just the first nine months of the year are up nearly 30 percent over last year, reaching nearly $9 billion. It’s time to put patients ahead of insurance company profits by taking them out of the middle by establishing a fair reimbursement standard that insurance companies will pay for unexpected out-of-network care.


Protecting patients from costs associated with unanticipated out-of-network care and requiring health plans to fairly reimburse the physicians who care for them are the keys to ending the surprise coverage gap caused by insurers’ cost-shifting.